JUST IN: Afternoon Subpoena Of Trump Bank Records Announcement Rocks White House


Donald Trump just has not done very well with women. He has objectified them and appears to value them solely on the basis of their attractiveness. What the president apparently never learned was that the women he misused are very intelligent and very strong — and they are coming after him.

The adult entertainer, Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford, hired a pit-bull of an attorney. They are taking Trump to court like no one has before.

Clifford hired attorney Michael Avenatti to take her case against the president of these United States. The attorney described himself as a “three-dimensional chess player” who has gone up against some of the very best three-dimensional chess players out there — and won.

Avenatti also said that in comparison, Trump’s attorneys were playing tic-tac-toe and not very well at that.

The Clifford attorney released the news that he has demanded the Trump Organization preserve any and all records related to his client’s time with 45. Avenatti intends to subpoena the commander-in-chief, due to “unmistakable links” between the president’s company and the actresses’ secrecy agreement.

The attorney also requested like letters from the two banks Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, used to complete the $130,000 transaction with a pass-through company to pay Clifford.

According to NBC News, Avenatti wrote in his letter to the Trump Organization and the president’s banks requesting they “preserve all evidence:”

‘We request that you immediately preserve all evidence, documents, tangible things and electronically stored information (“ESI”) potentially relevant to the claim.’

Clifford’s attorney also released a statement to NBC News, writing he will use “all legal means:”

‘We intend on using all legal means at our disposal to uncover the truth about the cover-up and what happened. And this is but one of many tools we will use. When we are done, the truth will be laid bare for the American people.’

Avenatti told City National Bank:

‘You must act immediately to preserve any and all potentially relevant evidence, documents, tangible things and ESI. Failure to do so may subject you to liability.’

The adult entertainer filed a lawsuit indicating she and Donald Trump had an “intimate” relationship in 2006 to 2007. That was immediately after First Lady Melania Trump gave birth to their son.

The purpose of that lawsuit was to release Clifford from a nondisclosure agreement that prevented her from speaking about their relationship.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told the media that the president denied the affair. Sanders claimed on behalf of Trump, that he had no idea Cohen paid off Clifford. The president’s personal attorney said that he took out a second mortgage on his home to make the payment and was never reimbursed by the Trump campaign nor company.

Clifford sent a tweet saying that Trump “bullied” her:

‘Technically I didn’t sleep with the POTUS 12 years ago. There was no sleeping (hehe) and he was just a goofy reality TV star. But I digress…People DO care that he lied about it, had me bullied, broke laws to cover it up, etc. And PS…I am NOT going anywhere. xoxoxo’

The adult entertainer gave an interview to ABC’s 60 MinutesĀ set to air March 25th.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.