Trump Wakes Up In A Panic, Starts Tweeting Nonsense Instantly Like A Mental Patient


Donald Trump never learns. He hit the Twitter world with ridiculously absurd lies, trying to convince the country to live in his alternate reality. Fortunately, more people have begun holding the liar-in-chief accountable.


Trump’s first lie was that he had recommended “hundreds of good people” to fill the very important positions of ambassadors and judges. That is just not true. The president has not made nominations for many of these positions. He simply cannot find enough people who want to work with his administration.

Talented people looked at how 45 treated his former secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, a man who ran the biggest company in the world – ExxonMobile – and ran the other way. Trump cowardly fired Tillerson in a tweet, then he gloried in humiliating the man.

Trump may try to blame the Democrats, but the truth will win out. He tweeted “worst in U.S. history.” At least he got that part right. Unfortunately, that applies to him:

‘Hundreds of good people, including very important Ambassadors and Judges, are being blocked and/or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate. Many important positions in Government are unfilled because of this obstruction. Worst in U.S. history!’

Then, Trump tweeted another alternative reality. He just gave the largest companies huge tax cuts. If people are lucky, they will get a few crumbs. Corporations took advantage of the tax benefits, offering one-time bonuses instead of salary increases, which could have had a real impact in Middle America.

The president’s tweet showed how much he supported businesses instead of the people he promised to serve:

‘Perhaps at no time in history have the business fundamentals of U.S. companies been better than they are today!’

The Twitter world did not fall for his lies. Here are some of our favorite responses below:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Win McNamee.