Story Unravels Detailing Deep W.H. Corruption & The Reason Trump Just Fired His Assistant


On Monday night, the president fired his personal assistant, John McEntee, who was abruptly escorted out of the White House. Speculation for his firing pointed to issues with his security clearance, MSN reported. Apparently, though, there is much more to the story than that.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported:

‘McEntee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes.’

The Wall Street Journal had reported that McEntee’s firing was due to an “unspecified security issue,” and that he was escorted off the premises without first being permitted to gather up his belongings.

Although McEntee was fired from his position and is under investigation for financial crimes, the Trump campaign still announced that it would hire him to help with the president’s reelection efforts in 2020. According to

‘Trump’s campaign quickly announced Tuesday that McEntee will join the president’s 2020 campaign as a senior adviser of operations. The campaign also announced Trump’s 2016 national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson will rejoin as a senior adviser.’

Campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement:

‘We need the help of proven leaders such as Katrina and John to promote the President’s growing portfolio of achievements across the country.’

Before firing McEntee, Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who as reported by CNN was not as loyal to the president as anyone or Trump himself might expect. According to CNN, Tillerson was “touted as both a coup and a symbol by Donald Trump.” CNN reported:

‘A coup in that Trump had lured the head of Exxon to run his State Department, making good on his pledge to bring the best people in the business world to Washington. A symbol in that Tillerson was an outside-the-box choice that no one saw coming — just the sort of person (and move) Trump likes best.’
Tillerson and Trump clashed on many issues and he was never at all devoted to the president. Apparently, the key to staying employed under Trump is loyalty to the commander-in-chief which Tillerson never really exhibited.
Twitter had an immediate reaction to CNN’s news about McEntee’s financial crimes: