Rex Tillerson Addresses The Nation Hours After Being Fired On Twitter (VIDEO)


Donald Trump cowardly fired his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, by tweet. That job is one of the most respected in the country. Yet, if the tweeter-in-chief wanted to demean his secretary, he failed mightily. Tillerson announced his departure in a press conference, with all the dignity and honor the job demanded.

Tillerson was formerly the CEO of ExxonMobile, the largest company in the world. As such, the Texan showed the country the respect and demeanor that has so sadly been lacking in the president.

Throughout his press conference, Secretary Tillerson gave appreciation to the many career people in the State Department, people who give much more than they receive. He thanked them for that service.

Tillerson also thanked those in the military whose sacrifice is great. He said that this is the first the State Department has worked so well in tandem with the Department of Defense (DOD), and how that has benefitted the nation.

The Secretary asked for an “orderly and smooth transition at a time” when the country was in so much disorder. Like the professional he has always been, Tillerson asked his department’s help in that transition.

Notably, the secretary warmed Russia to consider what it has planned, how that would impact the Russian people and President Vladimir Putin’s country.

At the end of his press conference Secretary Tillerson thanked the people of the United States with a heartfelt authenticity. He did not thank the president.

Trump had already put his former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, in place as the new secretary of state. Gina Haspel is the first woman to serve in the position of CIA Director.

CIA analyst, John Nixon, said on MSNBC that Trump was selecting someone who weaponized the dark arts. She headed two dark ops, including a secret prison with waterboarding:

‘She was the architect of it (the program).’

Nixon said that by choosing Haspel and Pompeo, Trump had indicated he was not interested in gathering information. Rather, the president has shown he believes the end justifies the means. Then, the analyst added that torture has been proven both “useless and counterproductive.”

Pompeo has been a strong advocate for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement.

Check out Tillerson’s extraordinary speech in the Occupy Democrats video below:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong.

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