NY Post Cover Punks Trump Over Firing Of Rex Tillerson In The Funniest Way Imaginable


Following the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson early on Tuesday, it has become clear that the White House has some very real and challenging internal struggles that they are evidently unable to overcome. The ousting of Tillerson from the State Department, a position that is absolutely vital to the country’s foreign policy and global diplomacy, caught many by storm when it occurred, as it had previously been understood that the conflicts between the president and his Secretary of State were settled since their heated interactions last year. Nevertheless, it became clear that this was not the case, and that no job in the Trump administration is truly safe from the wrath of an unfit president.

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With Tillerson’s firing, many have started to take further notice into President Trump’s staggering turnover rate after only his first year in office, as many top ranking officials in the administration have either been ousted due to conflicts within the White House, or resigned of their own accord due to frustrations in working with Trump. Especially considering the fact that these departures have been in the form of higher ranking officials, and less so lower level aides, it is becoming more evident that Trump’s “best people” are far from that.

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Among many outlets that has taken a jab at the president’s firing of Tillerson, one of the more humorous and likely enraging for the president, is the cover page to theย New York Post, which portrays an eerily similar callback when placed side by side with a cover of Trump from many years back. The post was first published on Twitter by CNN’s Brian Stelter, as he placed the two Trump featured cover pages together, both with hilariously similar wording for two very different topics.

Although the two are inherently unrelated of one another, the similarities shown cannot be ignored. On the left, which features the older cover, the tagline refers to a quote from then-lover Marla Maples, claiming that her sexual relations with Trump were the best she’s ever had. On the right side, the cover refers to the firing of Tillerson, using the clever juxtaposition of words to create the humorous relation between the two images.

Aside from the jokes and jabs that have been taken at the administration coming after yet another high level departure, it is clear that the claims made by Trump just last week regarding the stability within his White House are everything but that. The president was discredited just hours after making the comments on national television, as top economic advisor Gary Cohen quit almost immediately after Trump’s remarks.

The replacement for the position of Secretary of State will be that of CIA director Mike Pompeo, who is claimed by Trump to be more fit for the upcoming talks with North Korea in the coming months. Regardless of whether or not Pompeo truly is a more seasoned negotiator for such a monumental event, with the administration’s current turnover rate, even he may find himself out of a job sooner than he knows it.

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