N.Y. Times Mocks Trump Following Tillerson Firing & Donald Is On Major Spaz Out Watch


Throughout the entire campaign process, one of the core components that then-candidate Trump ran on was the notion that he was going to replace the “swamp” of politicians and lawmakers in Washington with his own people, supposedly people better equipped to handle the many issues plaguing the country. In doing so, this became one of his rally cries against his Washington-savvy competitors, claiming that an outside perspective on the problems would allow them to be solved more effectively and efficiently with a non-politically correct agenda. Through using his business understanding, Trump claimed that all the problems would begin to ameliorate, as he would implement “the best people” to head some of the nation’s most prominent posts.

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However, only a little over a year after assuming office, the notion that Trump’s people would be better than their predecessors has proven to be dismally false, not only in the form of their own incapabilities to get things done, but more so in regards to the turnover rate the administration has experienced only a quarter into their tenure. It would be more understandable if the individuals that have either resigned, or been fired, from their posts were lower ranking officials within the administration, but this has most definitely not been the case. Rather, people that Trump just the previous year had lauded for their capabilities and know-how, have either been ousted by the president himself, or have left of their own accord, realizing that working with Trump is far more of a headache than they initially imagined.

The most recent firing which occurred early on Tuesday included one of the most crucial positions in the country’s government, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was relieved of his role by the president ahead of vital talks with North Korea. With the latest turnover in the administration, it has become clear to everyone that Trump has had a tough time identifying any of the “best people” that he had previously promised during his campaign.

Following Tuesday’s firing, the New York Times took a small jab at the president for his record-setting turnover rate, posting a video on their opinion Twitter account of a string of comments from former officials, intertwined with Trump’s infamous “you’re fired” catchphrase. The video, aside from its inherent humorous nature, sheds light on the troubles facing the Trump presidency, as such a broad range of top-ranking officials have turned over in only a year’s time.

According to a report from the Washington Post:

‘With the departure of top economic adviser Gary Cohen last week, the share of Trump’s top staffers who have left or changed jobs, reached 43 percent – almost triple Barack Obama’s at the end of his second year as president (15 percent).’

The figures above do not take into consideration the ousting of Tillerson, which would increase the grand total for turnover rate. As the White House continues their struggles to maintain any of their top aides and officials, it is becoming clear that yet another promise of the Trump campaign is failing horrifically when applied in practice.

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