Trump Furious After Watching Betsy DeVos’ 60 Minutes Interview – White House Abuzz


The president is probably the worst businessman on the planet, which explains why he’s had to resort to organized crime in order to bully companies and contractors into submission whenever he sees fit. His ridiculous legal team has their hands full and stays ready to pounce at all times. Trump currently has over 3,000 lawsuits against him, and with his lawyers focusing on things like Stormy Daniels, you can believe Mueller is just biding his time while this moronic president digs himself into a deeper hole every day.

Trump’s focus is so totally on the wrong thing that he spent his Sunday night glued to 60 Minutes to watch what the rest of the world was watching, the demise of his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos.

DeVos was visibly struggling to answer the very upfront questions being asked by reporter Leslie Stahl. DeVos tried as hard as she could to fumble around the questions, but Stahl persisted, leaving DeVos even more disheveled than she was at the beginning.

By Monday morning, the entire nation was talking about the bombshell interview that made the White House look truly incompetent.

According to CBS:

“The reason Betsy DeVos wanted to be secretary of education was so she could promote school choice, offering parents options other than traditional public schools – where 90 percent of kids go. She has proposed massive cuts in public education funding and wants to shift billions to alternative players like private, parochial and charter schools.”

Trump was apparently one of the many people who found the interview to be a complete failure.

CNN anchor John Berman told California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu the following:

“She gave a performance that has not received stellar reviews. I’ll try to be polite here. We’re just getting some information from our White House team that the White House — White House officials watched in dismay as Betsy DeVos struggled to answer basic questions about the nation’s schools.”