Maxine Waters Claps Back Like Thunder At Trump For Calling Her ‘Low IQ’ & It Is Perfect


In the first year of Trump’s presidency, it was very clearly seen that the president has difficulty maintaining any shred of professionalism and respect for his colleagues, regardless of the side of the aisle on which they sit. However, he has made a strong habit out of criticizing those who sit on the opposite side of the GOP, attacking Democratic lawmakers at any possible opportunity as a means of boosting his own self-esteem.

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Most recently, the president went after longtime Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), irrelevantly attacking her for having a low level of intelligence. Specifically so, Trump showed his paranoia at the congresswoman’s desire to impeach him, as Waters has claimed on numerous occasions that she is on the front lines for deposing of the current administration. Trump has made Waters a constant target of his attacks as her advocacy against his presidency has grown, making this the second time in less than a month that Trump has attacked the Democratic representative’s IQ level, claiming without evidence that she has a low IQ.

Waters, however, has clearly not been phased by the president’s constant barrage of attacks, taking it in stride and almost expecting to hear the things that he says. According to an article on CNN, Waters has stated that:

‘I certainly expected him to come out with some racist remarks about me. So he did exactly what I expected him to do. And, by the way, I’m told he wasn’t funny at all.

‘Everybody knows that I’m on the front lines not talking about harming anybody but I am talking about impeachment. I don’t think this President should be representing our country … he creates controversy, he cannot get along with our members of Congress, and I’m going to continue my efforts to impeach him.’

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Waters also clapped back at Trump’s comment in a recent MSNBC interview, as she called him out for being an expert at name calling, and that she expects to go toe to toe with him in this ongoing battle. She also shed light on a very real component of the Trump administration’s overarching strategy when it comes to its opponents, claiming that a staple of their tactics has been singling out individuals who oppose their rule, and diverting attention from themselves by launching ad hominem attacks against those who challenge them.

Waters further claimed that Trump has proven himself to be a supporter of the dictatorial form of leadership, as is clearly seen in the actions taken thus far in his tenure. She stated that although Trump is attempting to mirror this style of authority, it is clear that his understanding of the political atmosphere is so little, that he will inherently never be able to be more than just a simple con man. She rounded up her comments by claiming that it is now imperative for the Democrats and other opponents of Trump to keep up the fight against him, in order to ensure that the divisive policies he hopes to implement cannot come to fruition.

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