Trump Goes On Embarrassing Anti-Dem Tirade At Pennsylvania Rally Like A Psycho (VIDEO)


The president has held a series of campaign rallies since taking office, having filed for re-election sooner than any other modern president. His rallies have crisscrossed the country, and Saturday night, he went to Pennsylvania, where his rally was meant to be not just in implicit support of his 2020 presidential campaign but also in support of the campaign of Republican Rick Saccone to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Tim Murphy.

While at that rally, he offered up a conventionally Trump-ian array of incendiary talking points. At one point, for instance, he referred to cable news host Chuck Todd as a “sleeping son of a bitch,” hearkening back to the time at a rally late last year in Alabama when he called NFL players protesting against police brutality “sons of bitches.”

Also at the Pennsylvania rally, Trump went after Congressional Democrats, claiming that they don’t appropriately represent the interests of their constituents.

In a tidbit circulated by Fox News, the president commented:

‘Nancy Pelosi’s party in Congress is full of people who tell their voters one thing during the election and then go to Washington and then vote lockstep.’

Among the items that Trump may have had in mind here is the fact that Democrats refused to get behind his tax reform plan, which he signed into law late last year. Democrats were not in favor of the degree to which the plan favored upper income Americans at the expense of others, as evidenced through such components of the plan as caps on state and local tax deductions.

Other major issues on which Democrats have provoked the president include the fact that they refused to get behind his plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act last year. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that the ACA has been estimated to have boosted health coverage for millions of people, and it shouldn’t in theory matter to the president, either, since his party controls both houses of Congress.

Even still, here we are anyway. In the case of the efforts to repeal the ACA, it was Republicans who sunk the measure.

What’s additionally ironic is the fact that the president himself made grandiose promises coming into office that he has not fulfilled. That’s not to say that he should fulfill the promises; it’s just to say that his attack on Democrats is a serious case of projection.

He promised, for instance, that Mexico would pay for the wall he’s long promised to put up between us and our southern neighbor. That’s not happening, but somehow, it’s Democrats who have made grandiose promises while simultaneously failing their constituents.

Concurrent to this issue, the president flip-flops on issues on a regular basis. Put another way, it remains difficult to see the president’s true position on a number of issues.

For instance, just last month, the president — who has benefited massively from the NRA — suggested that he wants to take guns away from potentially threatening people without due process.

Even still, however, it’s the Democrats who don’t have their wits about them.

Check out a video of Trump’s Saturday appearance in Pennsylvania below.

Featured Image via Zach Gibson/Bloomberg via Getty Images