Trump Tweets Blatant Saturday Afternoon Lie & Gets Fact Checked Into Oblivion


In the middle of diplomatic talks while trying to gather allies in a bid to neutralize a threat to the entire world, it seems like it would be an unspoken rule to leave out the insults and lies you normally tweet about those countries you’re hoping to join forces with. Not for Donald Trump, of course. No opportunity to insult others can be passed by, even if he needs to lie to do it.

Trump is either grossly misinformed about the current trade deficit with Japan or simply lying to prop himself up some more – most likely the latter, since that is certainly Trump’s default strategy – as his tariff proposal falls on outraged and mutinous ears. Although 107 members of his own party issued a plea for him to let go of his tariff plan/trade war idea, Trump has bullishly refused to listen. Now, he’s once again willing to lie to keep his rabid MAGA fan base on board while he wrecks the U.S. economy.

The trade deficit with Japan in 2017 was $68.8 billion, not $100 billion, and for 2018 a surplus is expected when factoring in traded services. Truth means little when Trump’s support is flagging and he needs his deplorables behind him, though, so $100 billion it is…in Trump’s tweet.

So far, two of the main exporters of steel, Canada and Mexico, have been exempted from the tariffs Trump is proposing Since Japan rounds out the top three exporters, and Trump is promising Prime Minister Abe it will all “work out,” how exactly are the tariffs about strengthening America’s steel industry again?

Twitter caught the lie, as well as many other lies, as well, and were quick to respond to the president’s wild misrepresentations.

Featured image via Getty/Pool