Prosecutor Drops Trump/Tax Return Bombshell On MSNBC & Donald Is Pitching A Fit


People have been waiting for Mr. Trump to release his tax returns since before the 2016 election. Back in December, according to CNN:

‘The simple fact is that Trump made a calculation back in the campaign that whatever negative attention he received for not releasing his taxes was less damaging than what would happen if he did release those taxes. Almost three-quarters (73%) of people in a new CNN national poll said they would like Trump to make some of his returns public.’

In December, Trump, with the help of the majority GOP Congress passed a sweeping tax reform bill that makes wanting to see the president’s tax returns even more pressing. However, this bill will without a doubt, greatly benefit him and put even more money in his pockets.

Now, on Tuesday evening, two panelists told host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that they think it is likely that Special Counsel Robert Mueller already has Trump’s tax returns. Trump has been the only presidential candidate in 40 years to not release his tax returns.

Matthews asked the panelists:

‘What’s Trump most worried about, the business end, obstruction end or the collusion piece? Where is he most worried?’

Natasha Bertrand, a correspondent from The Atlantic, responded:

‘The financials. Because of the tax returns he’s still trying to hide.’

Kim Wehle, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and Associate Independent Counsel during Whitewater investigation, chimed in:

‘I think Mueller probably has them.’

Bertrand said:

‘I think he has them, but he doesn’t want them publicly released, and there’s a reason for that.’

Matthews asked:

‘Why? Because he’s not rich?’

Bertrand then said:

‘Maybe they show some evidence of wrongdoing’

Matthews asked sarcastically:

‘His hands are smaller than we thought?’

There is obviously a very good reason why Trump would withhold his tax returns and what Mueller digs up from the president’s tax returns could turn the Russia investigation upside down. The Washington Post reported in December:

‘That’s a whole lot of people around Trump who are acting like they have something to hide. And nobody has more to hide than the president himself; he didn’t withhold his tax returns because he’s so modest about how wealthy he is. If Mueller is getting deep into Trump’s finances, we may well find out just what he’s been working so hard to keep the public from finding out.’

Mueller already subpoenaed Deutsche Bank’s records in early December. According to The Wall Street Journal:

‘Deutsche Bank AG received a subpoena earlier in the fall from U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller’s office concerning people or entities affiliated with President Donald Trump, according to a person briefed on the matter.

‘The subpoena requested documents and data about accounts and other dealings tied to relationships with Mr. Trump and people close to him, the person said. The bank has lent more than $300 million to entities affiliated with Mr. Trump, according to public disclosures.’

Mueller is definitely on the pursuit of some valuable information and he isn’t stopping until he can spell Donald Trump’s guilt.

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