Trump Goes Full Crazy In Six Tweets After Mueller Witness Burned The Administration Down


After hours of full, unchecked insanity from former top Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who accused Trump and his administration of devious crimes and utter stupidity on national television, the president had a bit of a random meltdown on his Twitter feed Tuesday morning. Covering everything from “fake news” to North Korea to the Oscars, Trump furiously tweeted distractions for his followers and rushed to change the topics of conversation on all the news programs he doesn’t watch.

Trump loves to blame the “fake news” for reports like the ones that say his White House staff is in chaos, but the truth is that it is people inside the White House – Trump staffers both currently working and summarily kicked out or fed up, not “Obama holdovers” or the Democrats – who leak the stories. Former chief strategist Steve Bannon, for instance, had been a prime source of unflattering news against the president even before he was given the boot. The number of staff defections as well as firings of people who stood their ground, like former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and refused to allow Trump’s corruption to stand has been unprecedented. That’s not energy, it’s insanity.

Trump’s promotion of right-wing biased news is nothing new, and neither are his deflections on DACA. Trump himself ended the program that helps immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to avoid deportation and was handed a bipartisan agreement to extend that program, but rejected it.

The president also waited a full day to crow about low ratings at the Oscars while his sons and his cronies at Fox News celebrated those low ratings and insisted the right was responsible for them all day on Monday. Trump and his people hate celebrities who get involved in politics, of course.

The truth is that Oscar ratings have been on a decline since well before Trump made his racist declaration of candidacy for the presidency and that has much more to do with viewers watching via streaming apps and recordings, but Trump would like everyone to think it’s because of all the support he has. Republicans will not tolerate a celebrity criticizing their president…other than the celebrity they voted into office who frightened a bunch of racist white folks by telling them their scary, black president was born in Africa.

Twitter responded to Trump’s ridiculous tantrums in full force; see some of their best comments below:

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