Trump & Rudy Giuliani Just Got Caught Making Fun Of Hillary’s Weight & It Is Disgusting


The closed-door event among Republican donors which took place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort provided nothing less of what many would expect from such a gathering. President Trump himself joked about the possibility of ending presidential term limits in the United States, taking after a move made by Chinese President Xi Jingping. In addition, Trump seemingly continued his complaints against the lack of investigation into Hillary Clinton following the general elections in 2016, again blaming the people in office that, according to the president, are unfit for the positions they are in. However, one person took the criticizing of Hillary Clinton to an entirely different degree, launching unnecessary personal attacks against the former presidential hopeful.

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Former New York Governor Rudy Giuliani, a staunch and longtime Trump supporter, made a speech in front of the Republican donors at the Florida resort, making jokes about Hillary Clinton’s weight along the way. The attacks were seemingly not met with positive regard as the former governor may have hoped. According to an Axios report:

‘The most shocking moment of the evening came when Trump brought his old pal Rudy Giuliani onto the stage. Giuliani told the crowd he had been down there for Trump’s wedding. “Hillary was also here,” he said, according to two sources in the room, “and she actually fit through the door.”

The crowd gasped. I’m told Giuliani’s wife gave him a “most foul look.” Trump later told the audience: “I’m just glad I didn’t say it.”

Giuliani has long had conflict with Clinton, who was also a former U.S. senator from New York, the same city Giuliani governed during his tenure. He has criticized Clinton for her lack of presence in the city following the September 11 terrorist attacks, and has made clear how unaligned he remained against any and all of her policy proposals.

Another attack by Giuliani against Clinton came during the general elections between now-President Trump and candidate Clinton, when he launched a conspiracy theory regarding her health and well-being on the campaign trail, claiming that she showed signs of various illnesses while campaigning. Although these claims were ultimately refuted and proven to be incorrect, it is clear that Giuliani has remained critical of Clinton, attempting to smear her name in any way possible.

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