Trump Humiliated; Details Of Closed-Door Meeting Leaked To Media & Donald Looks Like A Fool


If there is one person who knows a thing or two about terrible decisions, whether he is willing to admit it or not, it’s sitting President Donald Trump. Although he has yet to come to terms with the fact that he is not the greatest decision maker on the planet, Trump has seen his various comments and policy initiatives provide evidence into how divisive and detrimental his plans can truly be.

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However, in common form of deflecting blame from himself and placing it onto others, Trump recently took an entirely new jab at a different former president, not the usual Obama attacks the public has become so used to.

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When speaking at a closed-door meeting in Florida among Republican donors, Trump decided to open up a whole new can of worms by mocking and criticizing former President George W. Bush for his decision to invade Iraq. He likened the younger Bush’s initiative to throwing a brick into a hornet’s nest and went on to further attack Bush on his intellect and policymaking decisions while in office.

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According to a CNN report, Trump claimed that:

‘Here we are, like the dummies of the world, because we had bad politicians running our country for a long time… That was Bush. Another real genius. That was Bush. That turned out to be wonderful intelligence, You know? Great intelligence agency there.’

Trump has made a habit of blaming internal United States agencies for any mistake or mishap that has arisen, not only in his own administration but also in those that came before him. Given his inability to take responsibility for the array of disasters that come up in the political sphere, it is clear that Trump is attempting to irrelevantly place blame wherever he can.

Although Trump claims to be extensively anti-Iraq war in post-2003 interviews he’s given, previous ones portray a different viewpoint of the current president. Furthermore, it is not unlike Trump to take aim at the Bush family given the extent of strained relationships between the two families during the most recent presidential elections. During the general election in 2016, Trump never received the endorsement of either former president George W. Bush himself or the brief competitor he saw in former Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.

Trump has become a staunch opponent of U.S. intelligence agencies since assuming office especially considering the investigation into potential collusion with Russia that his campaign may have partaken in. By attempting to discredit these intelligence agencies, Trump is attempting to further bash the individuals who now claim that Russia meddled with the U.S. elections in 2016 via communications with the Trump campaign team.

Nevertheless, the unfounded and unnecessary criticism against a prominent Republican family and intelligence agencies provides insight into the ongoing attempt of the Trump administration to deflect any responsibilities from their own misdoings and instead relay them onto others. However, given that the investigation continues, it is likely that more of Trump’s blame-game will be seen in the rest of his tenure in office.

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