Trump Goes On Psycho Sunday Evening Rant About Nations Taking Advantage Of U.S.


No one knows why the president of the United States behaves the way he does, only that he may not have full use of his mental faculties, and there’s a very real possibility that he is on drugs. The constant whining on Twitter is concerning, as it was assumed by now that he would stop using Twitter with such carelessness after taking office. The backlash from his tweets seems to boost his ego rather than humiliate him, however; as it would any person without brain damage.

Trump didn’t say a word all day Sunday, then boom. Wakes up from his senior nap and flies into a full rager because people are complaining about the prices of all their aluminum and steel products going up after the ridiculous steel tariffs Trump put in place last week. Check out what the fool wrote just minutes ago:

Unfortunately, four bankruptcies hasn’t made Trump comprehend that maybe is isn’t the keen businessman he thinks he is. He believes he now has full understandings of every facet of being the leader of the free world. Fact is, he has no idea how anything works. Not even the basics.

Twitter users weren’t too thrilled with his ridiculousness, and their contempt can be seen in the comments under the tweet. We captured the best ones for you below: