Audio Of ‘Secret’ Obama Speech Leaked To Media; GOP Mega Meltdown Imminent (AUDIO)


It is safe to say that many people miss the presence of a more professional and dialed-in president that was seen in former President Barack Obama.

Obama has not been silent since leaving office, however, and has actually remained vocal through various speaking engagements and statements he makes. Although not all of these are directly related to the current administration, it is clear that the former president is hoping to show the rest of the country that he is still engaged and impacted by everything that is going on.

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On Friday, the Obama appeared at a speaking arrangement at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference which, until recently, was clouded in confusion and curiosity as to what the president remarked during his speech. This was because Obama and event organizers insisted the speech be off the record, not allowing people to record, tweet, or live stream the former president’s remarks. Nevertheless, the contents of the speech were revealed on Monday, when news outlet Reason received an audio recording of Obama’s remarks.

Interestingly enough, however, people are now confused as to why Obama and organizers went to such great lengths to keep the speech a secret, due to the fact that there was no major revelation or remark made in the talk that would be deemed newsworthy. Rather, Obama’s comments revolved primarily around very straightforward issues that are already known that the former president believes, or comments about the current state of sports and sports organizations.

Obama’s speech included mentioning the atmosphere and status of social media networks in the world today, the debates that must be had about climate change but the reality that it is something that exists, and that he is an avid fan of NBA basketball and mulled the idea of whether or not the NBA could establish a junior league for younger college-level players.

Obama also mentioned the current state of politics and the administration in the White House, despite refraining from specifically alluding to President Trump himself. Obama explained that political correctness is not something that should be sought after in public office, given that it is plain common sense and stated that the failure to recognize this is the reason his White House was able to remain scandal-free, while has successors has not. He also commented on his beliefs about stereotyping lazy government employees, claiming that these lawmakers and staffers work immensely hard for the public well-being, and that, at times, it can be difficult for legislation to be passed due to the divide.

Nevertheless, it is still uncertain as to why the event was so adamant upon keeping the former president’s remarks clouded in secrecy, especially considering the fact that nothing groundbreaking emerged from the leaked recording.

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