Prominent Republican Moron Suggests Arming Teachers With Flash Bang Grenades


After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the debate surrounding gun laws has increased significantly, as pressure on lawmakers is mounting to find a cohesive solution to ongoing gun violence throughout the country. With students taking matters of advocacy into their own hands, the National Rifle Association (NRA) losing a wide range of its corporate deals, and more people understanding that gun reform is now necessary, the ball is now in the court of conservatives to see whether or not they are willing to come to terms on gun legislation.

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Yet, despite the vast majority of Americans realizing that more guns generally leads to more gun violence, there are some who maintain their position on open and lax regulations. Last week, President Trump mentioned the idea of arming teachers at schools with firearms in order to protect against potential shooters, while at a listening session with Parkland survivors and family of victims. Despite being criticized and pushed back on for making such a suggestion, other prominent conservatives have latched on to the notion, with some making even more ludicrous comments in line with Trump’s idea.

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On Sunday morning, conservative writer of the “Potomac Watch” column of The Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel, appeared on Fox News to discuss how best to respond to the increasing gun violence epidemic in the country. After host Chris Wallace commented that even conservative Governor Rick Scott of Florida denounced Trump’s desire to arm teachers, Strassel replied by making an equally, if not more, outrageous proposal. In referencing teachers on school campuses, Strassel mentioned on the show that:

‘There’s surely some teachers out there, well quite a few probably, who have concealed carry permits. If they want to be more protected in the classroom, should we tell them no? I think that’s a debate that needs to happen out there. Other ways just for teachers to protect — maybe give them a flash bang or something so that when someone runs in they have some opportunity to help protect their kids.’

In addition to how ludicrous the suggestion itself inherently is, it is clear that Strassel did not have any logic in making the point. Flash bang grenades are both extremely dangerous, and cannot be simply thrown in a classroom when a shooter is attacking. Other students may very easily be harmed by such a debilitating weapon, leading to more chaos and potentially more fatalities.

Aside from being outright illogical of a claim, Strassel’s comment provides insight into the unwillingness of ultra-conservatives to understand the need for stricter gun control laws. Unfortunately, the common narrative has surrounded the false idea that gun reform means no guns at all, which is the reason why conservative citizens shy away from it, when in reality it simply means making it more difficult to acquire such heavy artillery.

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Nevertheless, as the nation is empowered to find a solution to broken gun laws in the country, the ongoing rhetoric from conservative pundits and gun lobbies is pushing back against progress. Thankfully, the student activists who have risen so prominently continue making heavy pushes towards change, placing more pressure than ever on lawmakers to reform gun laws.

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