Ivanka Discusses Policy Matters With South Korean President Without Security Clearance


Since their father took office last year, Trump’s children have been actively engaged on domestic and foreign policy issues, despite having a very minimal understanding of concepts of diplomacy as a whole. Whether this includes accompanying the president on various trips, or meeting with world leaders to discuss coming policy proposals, it is clear that Trump’s kids are being deployed to handle issues that should be the job of either the president himself, or the people working for the federal government.

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Most recently, Ivanka Trump took a trip to South Korea — not to attend the Winter Olympics, but instead to meet with and brief South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Despite being unqualified in the field of foreign policy, the discussion between Ivanka Trump and President Moon sheds light on potential security issues regarding the president’s daughter.

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The meeting of the two surrounded briefing Moon as to forthcoming sanctions against North Korea which, aside from raising questions sensitivity and having had access to potentially classified information, is entirely out of the scope of the president’s daughter. For the president to send his daughter, despite her lack of qualifications, to discuss such matters with a major world ally is not only improper, it is borderline embarrassing.

Furthermore, perhaps an even more foreboding reason this problem arose is due to the lack of a South Korean ambassador by the United States, given that the previous nominee withdrew from the role when Trump’s rhetoric against North Korea became increasingly threatening. After over a year in office, the administration has yet to appoint a diplomat to South Korea, leading the president to send his unqualified daughter, who has no background in issues of policy, to go brief an allied president about economic sanctions.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has defended Ivanka Trump’s meeting with President Moon, stating that she has been briefed on the pertinent information at hand, and that the meeting had been previously established. Regardless of whether or not the meeting was already in the works, the move is one of diplomatic disrespect when considering the nature of relations between the United States and South Korea. If tensions are re-fueled between North Korea and the U.S., the president’s daughter will in no way suffice to deliver updates regarding foreign policy.

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