Delusional Donald Snaps & Posts 7-Tweet Saturday Night Mega-Rant Like A Future Chain Ganger


“President” Donald Trump took a break from his … Well, whatever he normally does … to have a Twitter meltdown Saturday. He didn’t focus on one issue, however. He hit all the issues.

He started off with a tweet about the redrawing of election lines in Pennsylvania. He tagged his favorite news source, Fox News, and said:

‘Democrat judges have totally redrawn election lines in the great State of Pennsylvania. @FoxNews. This is very unfair to Republicans and to our country as a whole. Must be appealed to the United States Supreme Court ASAP!’

Trump need not try to point fingers at Democrats over gerrymandering. Fact is, Republicans are well known for the practice. Additionally, Trump needs to catch up on the news. SCOTUS already refused to take up the case.

It didn’t stop there. After approximately 30 minutes, Trump gave himself a pat on the back. He tweeted about unemployment.

‘Unemployment claims are at the lowest level since 1973. Much of this has to do with the massive cutting of unnecessary and job killing Regulations!’

He went from positive back to negative, however. In an effort to deflect blame, he pivoted towards the issue of DACA and accused Democrats of not caring.

‘Dems are no longer talking DACA! “Out of sight, out of mind,” they say. DACA beneficiaries should not be happy. Nancy Pelosi truly doesn’t care about them. Republicans stand ready to make a deal!’

Trump once said he’d sign anything put in front of him regarding the issue of DACA. However, he’s the one that killed bipartisan legislation that would have done something about the extremely important issue.

He then bragged about the straw poll results from CPAC, which really mean nothing since everyone at CPAC love some Trump.

‘BIG CPAC STRAW POLL RESULTS: 93% APPROVE OF THE JOB PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING (Thank you!). 50% say President Trump should Tweet MORE or SAME (funny!). 79% say Republicans in Congress should do a better job of working with President Trump (starting to happen).’

Users on Twitter responded to the tweets. You can check out the replies below.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.